21st October: What happened on this day ....

    21st October: What happened on this day ....

    By TheBoldAge. Published 2020-10-21


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    On this day in 1854 Florence Nightingale and 38 other nurses, she had trained, were sent to the Crimea, 6 months after her arrival death rates were reduced significantly. An amazing feat, given that 10 times more soldiers died from illnesses such as dysentry, cholera or typhoid than wounds on the battlefields. In 1958 the first women peers entered the House of Lords.On this day in 1997 the rematering of the hit single that Elton John sang at the funeral of Diana, Princess of Wales, 'Candle in the Wind' became the best selling single in music history.The Royal Navy decisively beats the Franco-Spanish fleet at the Battle of Trafalgar, but Nelson is killed.

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