4 conservationists you have to follow on Instagram

By Sarah Marshall. Published 2020-02-22
As Boldies we want to improve the planet for those that come after us. That should be our legacy

Given it can reach out to millions, social media can be an incredible driver for change.

Many photographers worldwide are using their images to educate the public about environmental issues, and some of the key players are to be found on Instagram.

As boldies we can play our part in protecting our blue planet by following these Insta-conservationists.

Paul Nicklen, Canada

Both award-winning photographers, Paul Nicklen and his wife Cristina Mittermeier set up SeaLegacy to bring marine conservation to public attention. Their assignments involve underwater and land photography in some of the world’s most beautiful, remote and delicate locations. Regular posts and Stories detail their projects. @paulnicklen

Ole Jorgen Liodden, Norway

Norwegian photographer Ole uses his creative skills to highlight environmental threats in the Arctic and marine ecosystems. He set up Penguin World, a project focusing on the seabirds as a barometer of ocean health, and is also working on a book, Polar Bears and Humans, addressing the hunting of these endangered marine mammals. @ojlwildphoto

Camille Seaman, USA

A Native-American and African-American, this photographer mainly studies the polar regions where her concern is climate change. She likes to capture icebergs and storms. @camilleseaman

Chris Packham, UK

Although more active on Twitter, reporting daily about issues affecting British wildlife and our environment, this TV presenter’s Instagram posts also send important messages about our world. Scenes from Antarctica illustrate a fragile planet, while pictures of a Sumatran tribe are a chilling example of habitat destruction. @chris.packham and @ChrisGPackham