6 reasons we're all better prepared for lockdowns this time round

    6 reasons we're all better prepared for lockdowns this time round

    By Luke Rix-Standing. Published 2020-11-02


    TheBoldAge takes a look: You’re readier than you know.

    Whether you’re already in some form of lockdown, or nervously refreshing your news feed, the new Covid restrictions are coming, and Thursday is coming fast.A winter lockdown sounds, if anything, even worse than a summer one, and the sense of deja vu is almost intolerable.Yep, it’s rubbish, but there are plenty of reasons it might not be so bad second time around…

    1. You’ve had a lot of practice

    Basically, you know what’s coming. Lockdown round one was awful, and we knew it was going to be awful, but there was an awful lot more we didn’t know. How long was it likely to last? How dangerous was the virus? How would we cope psychologically with government-mandated cabin fever?Better the devil you know, they say, and oh boy do we know this devil now.

    2. You’re already tech-savvy

    The first lockdowns presented an unprecedented challenge for the world’s technophobes, but now your Zoom calls start on time and they are looking fine. Even grandma can usually make it work now.

    3. People aren’t panic buying (as much)

    OK, so there are a few more people in the loo roll aisle, but the citizenry are broadly behaving themselves. This isn’t so much panic buying as ‘oh no not again’ buying – and that’s far less likely to make you fear being stranded in the bathroom combing your pockets for old receipts.

    4. This time, you’ll be realistic

    Remember the ‘lockdown list’? When you were certain you were going to re-emerge into the world an origami expert, fluent in mandarin, and able to play all 32 of Beethoven’s sonatas? Lesson learned. Let’s just do some baking.

    5. You’re probably used to working from home

    Some people straight up hate working from home – for them, the triumphant return to the office can’t come soon enough – but for those of us that like rolling out of bed into our swivel chair, we now have that highly-prized commodity, a routine. Cornflakes at 8am, a lunchtime workout, and you’re in front of the TV at 5.31pm. You could almost get used to this.

    6. You’re already kitted out

    You’ve invested in a bread maker, your outdoor socialising strategies are nailed down, and you have yoga mats coming out of your ears. Your DIY toolbox has never been better stocked, and your wardrobe is stacked with the best loungewear money can buy. Basically, you’re set.

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