Boldies, National Fitness Day: 7 signs that you’ve totally fallen in love with exercise

    Boldies, National Fitness Day: 7 signs that you’ve totally fallen in love with exercise

    By LizC. Published 2020-09-23


    As we age exercise becomes even more important

    For us over 50s, If you spending your your pandemic downtime scrolling through pages of activewear online, meal prepping for the week ahead or making sure you hit the pillow early so you can squeeze in that pre-work gym sesh, there’s a good chance that you’ve fallen in love with exercise.Are you donning your lycra and going for a spin in the countryside, taking an invigorating walk or a jog then read on, if you are telling yourself that you need ot get out and do something more active then you to should read on.As today marks National Fitness Day – an annual event that aims to raise awareness of the importance of a fit and healthy lifestyle – what better excuse to book yourself in for a sweaty gym class? Yes you can stll have PT sessions .And if you can identify with any of the following signs, then you are most definitely a fitness fanatic.

    1. You don’t care that your alarm goes off at 6am

    Before you discovered the gym, you’d bark at anyone attempting to rouse you from sleep more than 30 minutes before you needed to leave for work or get up. These days though, you practically jump out of bed at the thought of sweating it out at the crack of dawn. Yep, you’ve changed.

    2. You get grumpy when all the spots get taken at your favourite class

    When you first started exercising, a full class was a blessing in disguise; it was basically an excuse to skip the whole thing. Now though, you dread the thought of a wait list. If you can’t get a place on your favourite lunchtime class with that killer playlist, it puts a downer on the whole day.

    3. You practically live in activewear

    One great thing about the gym? The clothes are so damn comfy. Stretchy leggings, roomy shorts, springy trainers – we’re never spending a Saturday afternoon in jeans ever again.

    4. Your social media account has become a progress tracker

    Whether it’s hitting that running PB, nailing a set of box jumps or lifting a heavier barbell, there’s nothing more satisfying than sharing your achievements with the rest of the fitness community on Instagram.

    5. You’ve even started to ‘speak’ fitness

    You’ve fallen in love with metabolic conditioning and you know all about AMRAPs. Oh, and don’t get us started on isometric movements. Yep, you’re totally fluent in gym chat.

    6. You love trying out anything new

    Whether it’s a sunny session of slacklining, trying out surf-yoga or even testing your mettle in a obstacle course like Tough Mudder, you see new fitness challenges as an opportunity to try something new. That gymtimidation you used to get at the start of a new class has totally been replaced with excitement and curiosity.
    1. You can’t imagine your life without staying fit
    You’re totally balanced with your fitness and you know to take regular rest days throughout the week, but you can’t imagine going back to the days when you could barely pop a squat or run 1K. You’re psyched to work hard and gain the physical and mental benefits of getting your heart rate pumping, and your love for keeping fit isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon.Now, if only we could muster the same enthusiasm for cleaning, life admin and answering emails…Find great resources and ideas on the National Fitness Day website here

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