International Beer Day: In 2016 this bottle of beer was locked away in a time capsule to drink in 100 years

By Jessica Pitocchi. Published 2020-08-07
And you think waiting ’til Friday for a drink is bad.

Ever wondered what will be on the Earth 100 years from now?

Well, we know one thing that definitely will be – a bottle of Innis & Gunn Vintage ale.


This is because the Scottish craft brewers behind the bottle have decided to place one in a time capsule to be opened in the sweet summer of 2116.

Why? Well the limited edition beer has been selling out so quickly that they wanted to keep one for old times’ sake (or at least it will be by the time it’s opened).


And yes, it’s totally fine to drink it that many years from now – the yeast in the bottle and the absence of any food spoilage bacteria will mean the beer will not only be drinkable, but will have a completely different flavour from how it tastes today.

But if you can’t wait 100 years for the brewers of the future to crack it open (who can blame you), there are plenty of exciting beers to try from Innis & Gunn, some limited editions, that can be drunk straight away like it was actually intended and brewed for.