Irish food that will ease your St Patrick’s Day hangover

    Irish food that will ease your St Patrick’s Day hangover

    By Ella Walker. Published 2020-03-09


    From colcannon to boxty pancakes – these foods will fix you right up.

    Whether you’re Irish or not, if you’re planning on having a Guinness or two for St Patrick’s Day, the likelihood is you may wake up tomorrow morning with a slightly sore head.Luckily, there are some traditional Irish foods that can help cure your hangover and let you continue the St Paddy’s Day cheer. These dishes should have you feeling fresh again in no time…

    Scrambled eggs on soda bread

    Smooth, creamy eggs with lots of salt and pepper will soothe a wobbly tummy, while a wedge of rubbly brown soda bread will soak up any alcohol still left in your system.

    Boxty and bacon

    Got the wherewithal to grate potatoes? Whip up some traditional boxty, a type of pancake made with fried grated potatoes. Have them topped with cheese, black pudding or a side of bacon – it’s like a slightly heartier fry up.

    Barmbrack, loads of butter and tea

    If cooked food is beyond you on Sunday morning (we won’t judge), you’ll be in need of some very strong tea and half a loaf of barmbrack. A bit like a light fruit cake crossed with fruit bread, it’s packed with sultanas and raisins and will provide a much-needed energy hit.

    Oysters and Tabasco

    If you’re feeling brave and not too queasy, shock your system into action by knocking back a Galway oyster. The taste of the sea will feel like having a jug of water sloshed onto your head, and a dab of hot sauce will fire up your brain.


    By lunchtime, if you’re still feeling fragile, coddle will sort you out. Just chuck all your leftovers – ideally sausages, bacon, onions and potatoes – in a pan and simmer in stock until cooked through and steamed. It’s the ultimate, restorative comfort food.


    Head banging? Chewing lots may not be an option, so try a bowl of colcannon – creamy mashed potato stirred through kale (the vitamins and minerals in the green stuff should help you feel better too).

    Beef and Guinness stew

    Sometimes, hair of the dog is absolutely necessary, so tuck into a rich Guinness stew, topped up with carrots and potatoes – you’ll feel back to normal within a couple of mouthfuls.
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