On This Day 1 July

By TheBoldAge. Published 2020-07-01
In 1200 sunglasses were invented in China; in 1867 the Dominion of Canada was established and in 1908 SOS was established. In 1997 HK reverted to Chinese rule and in 1999 Scotland opened its parliament. Read more about the wondrous day when we were able to buy the first Walkman in 1979

Do you remember your first Walkman?

On the 1st of July 1979 the first Walkman went on sale in Japan, manufactured by Sony. It was the first portable cassette player that allowed us to listen to music on the move; with the walkman becoming the ubiquitous term for any producer or brand.


Production of the Walkman was stopped in 2010 after a volume of approximately 200 million; the brand continued to be used for other portable music players (e.g. portable CD player and their digital players being Network Walkman).

Retro Future - see the first Walkman

It sold for Y33,000 in Japan and Sony thought they would sell about 5000 units per month. They ended up selling 30000 in the first 2 months.

Here - in Japanese is some history on the Sony Japan website. This link uses Bing Translate to translate into English.

If you haven't seen the "Kids React" series then have a look at the below YouTube video where kids react to "old tech".

Kids React to Walkmans

Other events on this day

  • 1200: sunglasses invented in China
  • 1867: Dominion of Canada established
  • 1908: SOS (...---...) became the global standard for help
  • 1921: Communist Party of China founded
  • 1979: The Walkman went on sale in Japan
  • 1997: Hong Kong reverted to Chinese sovereignty after 156 years of British rule
  • 1999: Scottish Parliament officially opened
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