On This Day 1 September

By TheBoldAge. Published 2020-09-01
In 1939 World War II started; in 1913 St Petersburg was renamed Petrograd; in 1951 the first supermarket opened in the UK; in 1981 garages started selling petrol in litres; in 1985 the remains of the Titanic were found. In 1846 John Horrocks was shot by a camel.

Shot by a camel

John Horrocks was an English explorer, born in 1818 near Preston in Lancashire. He was one of the first settlers in the Clare Valley of South Australia where he established the village of Penwortham. He arrived in Adelaide in 1839 at the age of 21 with his 16 year old brother.


When his father died in 1842 he returned to England, however he was back in Australia by 1844. In 1846 he started an expedition into the north-west of South Australia hoping to find better agricultural land. One of the volunteers was an artist, Samuel Thomas Gill.


They were accompanied by Harry, the first camel to arrive in Australia. They had stopped and John was reloading his shotgun when Harry managed to trip one of the barrels resulting in a loss of his finger and a row of teeth. They abandoned the expedition, returning to Penwortham. He died of his wounds on the 23rd of September.

Harry was handed a sentence of execution by John as he had also previously attacked other animals and humans.


Other events on this day

  • 1846: explorer John Horrocks shot by a camel
  • 1939: Word War II began with Germany invading Poland
  • 1914: St Petersburg, Russia, name was changed to Petrograd
  • 1951: first supermarket in UK opened - the Premier at Earl's Court
  • 1969; Muammar Gaddafi deposed King Idris
  • 1981: garages started selling petrol in litres
  • 1985: remains of the Titanic found
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