On This Day 6 October

By TheBoldAge. Published 2020-10-06
In 1869 Jose Rizal, Filipino nationalist, was arrested en route to Cuba; in 1903 the Australian High Court sat for the first time; in 2010 Instagram was founded; in 1889 the Moulin Rouge opened in Paris

Le Moulin Rouge - Red Mill

Le Moulin Rouge opened in 1889 and was founded by Zidler and Oller, owners of the other famous concert venue in Paris called the Paris Olympia. It is located in the Pigalle district of Paris in the 18th district (arrondissement).

It was a time of progress - the Eiffel Tower was being built in the same year, the Universal Expo was held. The founders wanted to have a place where the rich could come and "slum it" and be entertained in a village atmosphere.

It was in 1915 that the Mouldin Rouge was destroyed by a fire and it would not be reopened until 1921.


Visites privées is a French television show that produced a segment on the Moulin Rouge which you can see below

Other events on this day

  • 1869: Jose Rizal, Filipino nationalist, was arrested en route to Cuba via Spain
  • 1889: Moulin Rouge opened in Paris
  • 1903: High Court of Australia sat for the first time
  • 2010: Instagram was founded
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