On This Day 7 October

By TheBoldAge. Published 2020-10-07
In 1492 Columbus took a wrong turn and missed Florida; in 1920 Oxford University first admitted women to study full degrees; in 1949 East Germany was founded; in 1959 the far side of the Moon was seen for the first time. In 1870 Léon Gambetta escaped Paris in a hot-air balloon

Franco-Prussian War

Referred to as the War of 1870 it was a conflict between France and the Kingdom of Prussia lasting from July 1870 to January 1871. Prussia's victory over Austria in 1866 had contributed to France losing its dominant position in Europe which it wanted to regain, and therefore entered into the war with Prussia.

Léon Gambetta

Born 2 April 1838 he studied law in Paris and entered into politics. He was originally opposed to the war with Prussia but eventually conceded and as the Prussian forces approached Paris called for stronger measures. It was on the 7th of October, 1870 that he left paris in the Armand-Barbès which was a coal gas-filled balloon. When he arrived at Tours he took control and organised an army but it was too late.


Other events on this day

  • 1492: Columbus missed Florida when he changed course
  • 1870: in the Franco-Prussian war, Léon Gambetta escaped the siege of Paris in a hot-air balloon
  • 1920: first women were admitted to study for full degrees at Oxford University
  • 1949: German Democratic Republic (East Germany) was formed
  • 1959: the far side of the Moon was seen for the first time through USSR's Luna 3 space probe
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