On This Day 8 August

By TheBoldAge. Published 2020-08-08
In 1296 the Stone of Scone was seized; in 1789 the 1st police force in New South Wales was formed; in 1945 Treaty of London was signed; in 1963 £2.6m was stolen in the Great Train Robbery; in 1894 Corn Flakes were born

Happy Birthday Corn Flakes

In 1894 William Kellogg created a cereal for his brother John Kellogg who wanted a healthy food for the patients in the sanatorium where he was superintendent - in Battle Creek, Michigan.

The original recipe came about through the brothers leaving some cooked wheat while taking care of other duties. The cooked wheat became stale, however with money concerns they pressed it anyway which resulted in flakes which they then toasted. Corn Flakes were born.

It was popular in its original creation, however William wanted to make it even more popular through the addition of sugar. His brother didn't approve so William created his own company (Kellogg Company) which would give him control over the recipe. There was a legal battle between the two brothers over the patent with William winning in 1896.

Other events on this day

  • 1296: Stone of Scone seized by Edward I
  • 1789: first police force in colony of New South Wales was formed
  • 1894: William Kellog invented Corn Flakes
  • 1945: Treaty of London signed setting the framework for the Nuremberg trials
  • 1963: the Great Train Robbery stole £2.6m from a train between Glasgow and London
  • 1969: zebra crossing photo of The Beatles was taken
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