On This Day 8 October

By TheBoldAge. Published 2020-10-08
In 1779 William Blake began studying at the Royal Academy in London; in 1945 the microwave oven was patented; in 1967 Che Guevara was captured in Bolivia; in 1906 Karl Nessler demonstrated the permanent wave in London

you can thank Karl Nessler for introducing the permanent wave to the world

Born in 1872 in Germany Karl Nessler (also known by the surname Nestle) was a shepherd in his youth. He noticed that wool was constantly crimped, unlike human hair. He started an apprenticeship with a barber in a nearby village, eventually moving to Geneva where he worked as a barber and hairdresser.

He tested the the idea of the perm in Paris where he divided the client's hair into 3 plaits, moistened with a "secret mixture" and then wound the hair into spirals around metal rods.

nessler perm

Using electrically heated tongs he covered the plaits - unfortunately his first client suffered blisters on her scalp due to the tongs being held constantly against her scalp. It was successful on the third attempt and the perm was born. It was introduced in London on the 8th of October 1906.


Other events on this day

  • 1779: William Blake began studying at the Royal Academy in London
  • 1906: the first "permanent wave" was demonstrated in London by Karl Nessler
  • 1945: the microwave oven was patented
  • 1967: Che Guevara was captured in Bolivia
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