On This Day 9 June

By TheBoldAge. Published 2020-06-09
In 1928 Charles Kingsford Smith arrived in Australia and 30 years later in 1958 the Queen opened London Gatwick Airport. We heard the House of Commons live for the first time on radio in 1975 and in 2013 we heard the name Edward Snowden for the first time. Today, though, we focus on the London Symphony Orchestra.

London Symphony Orchestra founded

A group of players of the Henry Wood's Queen's Hall Orchestra were unhappy with the new ruling that they would have to give exclusivity to the orchestra resulting in them leaving and founding the London Symphony Orchestra (although the LSO subsequently introduced the same rule).

The orchestra operated as a co-operative with the players participating in the profits of each season - the players actually being shareholders of the limited company.

The orchestra gave its first concert which was conducted by Hans Richter at Queen's Hall who can be seen below.

Richter Hans  First Principal Conductor 1904-11.jpg

Have you ever wanted to learn more about the music that you are listening to? We thoroughly recommend a trip, prepare at least a day as you will get not see the time go by!!, through the LSO Youtube channel. They provide multiple videos on their channel analysing and performing music here

The Show Must Go On

Go on tour with the LSO in 1912 and 2012

BMW Classics 2019

You can experience the performance in Trafalgar Square with the following recording of their performance

LSO Twitter

Other events on this day - 1898: China leases Hong Kong to Britain for 99 years - 1904: London Symphony Orchestra formed - 1928: first flight from US to Australia arrives with Charles Kingsford Smith - 1942: inhabitants of Lidice killed for their implication in the assassination of Reinhard Heydrich - 1958: London Gatwick Airport opened - 1959: first US ballistic-missile submarine - 1975: UK House of Commons broadcast by radio live for first time - 2013: Edward Snowden identified himself publicly as the leaker

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