Sourdough September: 7 ways to enjoy sourdough other than baking your own bread

    Sourdough September: 7 ways to enjoy sourdough other than baking your own bread

    By Isabel Swanson. Published 2020-09-13


    You don’t have to grow your own starter culture to fall in love with sourdough.

    Who doesn’t love bread? Whether you’ve torn a crust off a loaf fresh from the bakery and smothered it in butter, toasted it and layered on the Nutella, or dunk a slice or two in soup, it’s the stuff of gods. No arguments.September though, according to the Real Bread Campaign, is the month of sourdough – which is certainly not your standard sliced white.Sourdough is easy to digest, keeps glucose and insulin levels more stable, is considered a healthier alternative to the humble white option and has a springy texture with tonnes of flavour. Consisting of simply flour, water and salt, the starter used to create sourdough bread can be maintained for years and be used in a variety of different ways too.Here are eight ways to try using sourdough, whether you bake your own or not…
    1. Apple pie
    Autumn is now officially upon us, so now is the perfect time to put a twist on a classic apple pie or tart tatin by using a sourdough-based crust. Served with ice cream or custard, you can’t go wrong.
    1. Chocolate cake
    Try this Sourdough Chocolate Cake recipe and say goodbye to any Bake Off-fuelled jealousy when 8pm rolls around on Tuesday.
    1. Bread and butter pudding
    This easy dessert has always been a great way to use up stale bread, so swap out the traditional white slices for leftover sourdough, pour over some sugar, eggs and milk and you’re good to go. If savoury is more your thing, try this recipe that features cheese, onion and thyme.
    1. Bruschetta
    Bored with the sourdough staple of avocado on toast? Turn your bread into brushetta and top with garlic mushrooms, keep it simple with an Italian classic of tomato and basil, or try this steak version.
    1. Hot cross buns
    It might be very early but get ahead and start practising for Easter with these sourdough hot cross buns. Or, if it’s too soon, forgo the spices and orange peel and make some teacakes.
    1. Beer
    Why eat sourdough when you can drink it instead? The brewing of beer and cider using a sourdough starter is relatively new to the alcohol market, but no less tasty for it, and if you’ve ever dabbled in the world of home-brewing, why not conduct your own experiment?
    1. Pancakes
    A lazy Sunday is not complete without pancakes for breakfast. This weekend, mix things up by trying a sourdough-based recipe. Try some coconut and banana ones or stick with the old favourite, lemon and sugar.

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