Szechuan salt and pepper chicken wings recipe

    Szechuan salt and pepper chicken wings recipe

    By Ella Walker . Published 2021-02-01


    For spice and heat, try these Szechuan salt and pepper chicken wings.

    “Less mess, no stress. Chicken wings are known for traditionally being smothered in sauce but the Szechuan bucks the trend by using only dry seasoning and garnish,” explain Wingmans duo, David Turofsky and Ben Ford.“This recipe is for those who appreciate great flavour without the mess and sticky fingers. Crispy fried chicken seasoned with a five-spice Szechuan salt, green pepper, onions and curry leaf. Add a squeeze of lime to finish for a citrus fruity twist.”Szechuan salt and pepper chicken wings recipe


    (Serves 4)1.25kg chicken wings, tip removed, drums and flat separated2tsp celery salt2tsp white pepper1tsp black pepper150ml buttermilk250g cornflour50g rice flour2 or 3L vegetable or rapeseed oil, for cooking2tbsp Szechuan seasoningFor the garnish:Vegetable oil, for frying2 fresh red chillies, finely slicedBunch of spring onions, green tops only, finely shredded1 green pepper, deseeded and dicedA few curry leavesA few sprigs of fresh coriander or cress


    1. In a large bowl combine the wings with the dry spices and the buttermilk. Let marinate in the fridge for at least one hour or up to four hours. Combine the two flours and set aside. Drain the wings from the excess marinade and toss through the flour – keep chilled until ready to cook.
    2. Preheat a deep fryer to 180°C. Place the wings in the basket and lower slowly into the fryer.
    3. Cook for seven or eight minutes ensuring they hit 75°C at the core of the thickest part of the wing and the juices run clear. If they don’t hit 75°C after the first eight minutes just carry on cooking for a further minute.
    4. Heat some oil for the garnish in a wok and fry the chillies, spring onions, green pepper and curry leaves for a couple of minutes until crispy.
    5. Pile the wings high on a plate, dust with the Szechuan seasoning and garnish with the fried chillies, spring onions, green pepper and curry leaves. Top with the coriander.
    Wings And Things: Lip-smacking Chicken Recipes by David Turofsky and Ben Ford, photography by Dan Jones, is published by Quadrille.

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