TheBoldAge takes a look back at some auspicious dates in history

    TheBoldAge takes a look back at some auspicious dates in history

    By TheBoldAge. Published 2020-10-30


    One such event was the 'Rumble in the Jungle'

    On this day We had the explorer, Sir Francis Drake completing his circumnavigation of the world when his ship, the 'Golden Hind', sailed into Plymouth on this day in 1580.Then the first live, televised pictures were beamed by the scotsman John Logie Baird in 1925. And, in so doing William Taynton who was 15 at the time became the first live person captured on camera.Hard to believe that it was in 1990, on this day that 1990 English and French channel tunnelers met for the first time underneath the English Channel.In 1965 and on the first day of the Melbourne Cup Carnival in Australia. English model Jean Shrimpton wore a miniskirt, and by doing so became the beacon for 1960s fashion. Do you remember the 'rumble in the jungle'? In 1974 Muhammad Ali won his world championship bout, by a knockout, against George Foreman in Zaire. The fight was watched by a record television audience of c.1 billion viewersIn 1938 Orson rson Welles was blamed for panicking the people of the US when his radio adaption of The War of the Worlds by H. G. Wells, was broadcast as an on going news event.

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