TheBoldAge takes a look back at what happened on this day in history

    TheBoldAge takes a look back at what happened on this day in history

    By TheBoldAge. Published 2020-12-11


    History has a hand in today, we take a look at some of the events that shaped our lives

    On this day ....In 1688 James II fled to France, never to return he was forced to abdicate after William of Orange landed in England on 5th November.If you have ever battled with the string pulls on your blinds then here is why, In 1769 Venetian blinds were patented by Edward Beran.In 1914 The Royal Flying Corps, which became the RAF, adopted the red, white and blue roundel to mark their planes during World War I. Concorde was rolled our for its first public viewing on this day in 1967 concorde 2.jpg'Cod Wars', In 1975 an Icelandic gunboat fired on an unarmed British fishery support vessel in the North Atlantic Sea.In 1990 The Government set a 42M fund up to support British haemophiliacs who became infected with the HIV virus after being treated with contaminated Factor VIIIHemel Hempstead in Hertfordshire.became famous across Europe, when in 2005 a huge fire continued to burn at Buncefield oil depot. The noise from the explosions could be heard as far away as the Netherlands.

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