Boldie Video: How to make a coq au vin pie for British Pie Week

By Ella Walker. Published 2020-03-02
Be Bold: This is way more exciting and tastier than your standard steak and kidney.

Is there anything better than a wedge of pie and a side of creamy, buttery mashed potato? No, we think not.

So, in celebration of British Pie Week which kicks off today, we caught up with HelloFresh‘s head chef Patrick Drake for a pie recipe with a twist.

Instead of your standard steak and kidney, or chicken and mushroom, he’s come up with a hearty coq au vin pie, stuffed full of thyme, shallots, chicken, red wine stock and chestnut mushrooms. Now you just need a fire to eat it beside.

If that wasn't enough we also have added another you tube video from Recipe30